Our company is registered in the USA (Hallandale, Florida), and our headquarters are in the USA too. Our technical facilities for serving clients are in America and Europe.

Our approach

We want to provide you with something more than just low-priced calls. Our purpose is to also provide you with perfect service and a friendly attitude. We are not going to play games with billing, like many providers do.

We believe:

  • Good things can be inexpensive.
  • Good service is easy access and superior call quality.
  • If any problem occurs, it can be resolved quickly
  • The best connections are ones that work and give no problems.
  • The best policy is to be honest with clients.

If something was promised, it will be delivered.

25000000+ Calls serviced

1000000+ Hours of great phone conversations


Our activity



Our team has been doing business in the international long distance phone calls business since 2000. We have processed millions of phone calls and developed software that has revolutionized many aspects of long distance calling. A few years ago, we created our own computer system, which is brand new for this sector of telecommunications. This is a form of artificial intelligence which provides reliable and high quality connections.

It does this even when using the Internet which, as we all know, has its limitations. We have registered our inventions (US patents ## 10,420,158 10,498,647  10,812,662   11,108,692)

Our service is cheaper than the average VoIP

Our service is cheaper than the average landline

Our quality is higher than the average VoIP

We are far more reliable than the average VoIP

Why us?

No surprises
Very high quality
Artificial Intelligence
Tech support is not needed

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