Any business which makes international phone calls has certain problems. We can greatly improve or nearly eliminate these problems by the new technology we have developed.

International businesses require international communications. For example, these companies may have a call center and different kinds of problems may occur depending on the providers which process these calls.

If you are using land lines

If international calls are placed on landlines, the cost of such traffic is likely to be high, sometimes excessively high. Even 10 users calling abroad daily may incur bills of $10,000 to $70,000 per month, depending on the countries they call. A business call center that pays $15,000 per month for land line long distance spends $180,000 per year. Our company, TC Global Systems, could save that company as much as 80% of those costs ($144,000!) while providing equal or even superior call quality. As you can see, selecting the right long distance company can have a dramatic affect on the profitability of your company. Give us a call now to see what we can do for your company.

If you are using bargain phone providers

If you place these calls through VoIP providers other than our company, you will experience some level of drop-off in call quality. Almost all of the VoIP providers today have quality issues with international connections. It is less noticeable when calling North America or Western Europe. But it becomes very noticeable when you call Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, and Africa.

When calling these countries through the cheapest VoIP providers, you would experience call quality problems on every 7th call on average. Some more expensive higher-quality providers would have less issues. But even they have a problem with every 20th to 30th call on average when calling Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, and Africa.

For an occasional personal caller this may not create a huge problem, just an inconvenience unless that call is very important or an emergency. But for an international business with heavy calling volume to these countries, it is very important.

As a result:

  • Users have to waste time redialing numbers with no guarantee of a better result;
  • Productivity of the call center drops;
  • Sales are likely to suffer;
  • The call center can have more staff rotation;
  • The company image can be affected;
  • The company must employ additional technical staff (sometimes they need highly skilled and trained staff) to monitor and manage the VoIP network and firefight the problems.

And furthermore, often there is no guarantee that your bill is correct. Most other long distance providers have hidden surcharges, 4 minute billing and fake connections (On these fake or bogus connections the long distance provider purposely and falsely connects you to some other person or robot and then charges you for the call. This can take you up to a minute to figure out that it is not the person you intended to call. They do this just to charge you for this minute and if you are on 4 minute billing they charge 4 minutes for the call!!). This is crazy and criminal but believe it or not some companies do this.

These disreputable long distance providers also toss in some phantom calls/minutes that you did not even make. These are a few of the tricks these companies use and based on their past actions it is reasonable to suggest that they will invent more in the future.

With us you can be confident and certain that your billing will always be correct. No tricks of any kind. You have our word on that.

What are the advantages of having TC Global Systems as your long distance provider?

Calling through our VoIP system gives you landline quality calls and our prices are among the lowest of all VoIP providers. This became possible when we invented a form of artificial intelligence (US Patent Pending # 15391527, 15431371, 15435072) that created a far better method of routing and processing your calls. No other telecommunications company has this system and we have perfected it through millions of phone calls.

With us you can be sure that your billing is always correct. No tricks of any kind. You have our word on that.

Now a company involved in international business can greatly benefit by using our technology and our honest approach. The benefits are:

  • Approximately $200,000 per year of savings for a 10-15 staff call center that uses our system instead of landlines;
  • Increased quality means increased productivity and we believe this can translate to a 10% bump in sales over the use of lesser quality VoIP providers;
  • For companies that currently use a combination of landlines and VoIP, the cost savings on international calls will still be impressive (costs are lowered by 50%) and up to a 5% sales increase should be expected due to the better call connections and quality.

Any company with any telephone equipment can use our service. Your call center, all phones in your office, staff smartphones and cellphones can all be used to make international phone calls with our service. It is not necessary to change anything. All you need to do is add our service! To start using our service, there is no need to change your phone numbers and you do not need to cancel your current phone services. You also do not have to transfer your telephone numbers from your existing home or cell phone to us. This will keep things just the way they are and then, by adding our VoIP services, you will have the option to make high quality international calls at a low price whenever you need to. No difficulties at all! Once you get started with us you will experience just how easy it really is.

Real world examples

Business with an international call center

This organization called outside the USA mainly through VoIP. They adjusted their communication equipment to place most of their calls through VoIP (80%) with the exception of some problem destinations and very important destinations which were routed through landlines (20%). But the landline rates were 6 times higher than the VoIP ones. So 20% of the landline calls cost them much more than the 80% VoIP calls.

When they switched all their calls to us they cut the cost of their international calling in half! The real savings amounted to about $12,000 per month or $144,000 per year.

Their technical department in charge of VoIP had been adjusting calling routes almost every day and this confusion often resulted in way too many of their outbound callers having trouble making calls. When they switched calls to us, these problems disappeared. Now they have time available for new projects instead of the chaos created by trying to solve the problems that were actually caused by the inferior VoIP provider.

The call center staff can now work more efficiently as there’s no more redialing and/or need for technicians. And of course, there are no more frustrations with bad call quality.

Our real statistics

The number of client complaints in our company is now about 3 per 1,000,000 calls. This means that a very heavy user would need our assistance about 1 time per 7 years!

And even more

If your company has an international call center, the chances are you have already dealt with providers that do not like the fact that call centers make such a high volume of short calls. They often restrict this type of traffic or charge much more for it as compared to other business calls which tend to be longer. We operate differently. The more traffic you send to us the more savings you can have! Regardless of whether the calls are short or long. If you have a call center and your call center creates a lot of telephone traffic, ask us for an additional discount!

What else can we say to help you make a decision?

Here is Our GUARANTEE!

Pay-As-You-Go-Payments. (With this method of payment you can prepay for international calls and use them whenever you want to. The money you put on your account will be there until you use them. They do not expire.)

If you have to call our tech support more than two times in 6 months and the problem was caused by us, after the third tech support the customer will receive a 20% discount on the last payment for his Pay-As-You-Go-Plan. The customer can choose at that time if they would like to continue to use our services.

Similarly, if our bills ever show any amount (except for taxes and fees imposed by the laws of your state) that were not mentioned in the advertised plan you purchased, you will receive a 20% discount on the last payment for your Pay-As-You-Go-Plan.

If a person or company wants to cancel their service, a refund of the unused portion will be issued.

Monthly Pricing Plans. When you choose one of our advertised monthly pricing plans. (With this method of payment you would prepay a monthly fee to call specific countries.)

If a person or company has had 3 issues in 6 months and would like to receive a discount for their inconvenience yet intends to continue to use our service, he will receive a 20% refund of their last monthly payment. For example, if they had paid $20 for September and had the 3rd issue on the 15th of September, we will refund of $4 and he can continue the next month.


If you have three problems that were caused by our company and you want to cancel your service, a 100% refund of the last paid monthly fee of the plan will be issued. You would also be allowed to use our services until the end of the month. For example, if $20 was paid on the 1st of September and then the customer decided to cancel services on the 14th of September, we would refund the $20 and that customer could still use our services until the end of September.

Similarly, if our bills ever show any amount (except for taxes and fees imposed by the laws of your state) that were not mentioned in the advertised plan you purchased, we will refund 100% of your last paid monthly fee of your plan.

No other international phone providers offer this warranty or any kind of warranty. We invite you to try something better. This is why we offer a warranty.

Highest quality, best price and it is very easy to get started! We are sure you will love our service. Give us a try.







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