Do you believe you are using the best way to call abroad? Are your calls more expensive than they should be? Do you cut your calls short to save money? Do you buy calling cards and think they are too complicated to use? Do you have a tight budget for calls and all you get in exchange are bad connections, high costs, extra costs and other strange inconveniences? If so, please read on!

If you have family members, business associates, potential customers or friends living outside the US, then you know for sure what it costs to call them from your landline or cell phone. How do you feel about the cost per minute?

Perhaps you have searched for other ways to reduce your costs of calling by using calling cards,  apps to call from a smartphone or a computer (if you have Internet access). If you have tried any of these, have you been happy with the quality or availability of the connection?

Have you ever tried to save money on international calls, only to experience frustration because of connection breaking up, poor sound quality, sound delays, or echoes? Were you satisfied using that service? If you had problems, did it also affect the person you were talking to?

Have you ever tried resolving any quality problems by calling the tech support line of one of the bargain providers? If so, you will know first-hand how frustrating and ineffective this is. And if you are anything like me, you never want to call the “tech support” again because they waste a lot of your time and never fully fix your problem.

When tech support can’t resolve your problem, what do you normally hear from them? Either “We’ll call you back soon” and then nothing changes, and sometimes they don’t even call you back, or “What did you expect for this low price we give you?” or “You can’t have it inexpensive and good at the same time”. Is that true? Is it really impossible to have high-quality international phone service that is also affordable and free of tech support nightmares?

Thus, you often have to choose between quality calls which can be very expensive or an inexpensive connection that has poor quality and terrible tech support.

If you visit the website of ANY telecom provider you are promised a “super low price” (or sometimes even “unlimited calls”), “superb quality,” “qualified tech support” (sometimes even “available 24/7”), easy to use, etc. Now, what did you get in reality?

First, let’s take a look at their claim of unlimited calls, which means you are supposed to be able to call as much and as often as you want with no limitations. Oh yeah, read the fine print, or click a separate document like a contract or terms of service, and you will often learn that —

“This plan is only applicable to calls to landline (non-mobile) numbers.”

When in fact if you open a document entitled something like “Reasonable Use Policy,” you will definitely find out what the “unlimited” really means. Here, you will learn that if you make over a certain number of calls in a month or call many different numbers or if you often make calls during the working hours or just make more calls than most of their clients, this use will be recognized as “unreasonable,” “not typical of personal use” and thus not permitted. So unless you just use this service just once in a while, you will find out what their definition of “unlimited calls” really is.

Now, what about the superb quality they promised? There should be an asterisk and fine print saying, “Superb quality when you are lucky.” Unfortunately, most people are not so lucky in this aspect. The reason for this is, for most providers to offer inexpensive service to you, they are forced to severely cut back on their expenses. And they do this in every possible way, such as using the cheapest equipment and channels to route your calls. What you get in reality is calls breaking up, unclear voice, you can’t get through to the number you need, etc. If you have one of these companies, you are very familiar with this.

These companies also claim “qualified, friendly tech support.” Well, this subject could make for an entire book. It would start with how much time you will be kept on hold, waiting for the “next available call center operator,” who is “helping another user” at the time. Also, if your problem is not one of the dozens that they are trained to correct, then you are unlucky again. You could not make calls to that number and now you still can’t. Frankly, when you talk to the tech support of some providers, you wonder, why do they keep those guys at all? Instead of all these “experts”, why don’t they just set up a message on the answering machine, “Your call is not very important to us. Please leave a message about your problem. We’ll never call you back as we don’t know how to resolve it anyway. Thank you!” Anyway, nothing will change whether you do or don’t contact tech support, it will just remain a hit or miss chance to contact your friends and family.

None of that is too nice to run into. What is even more frustrating is when you trust one of these companies and accept yet another promise once again you realize that the service is not even close to what they were promising.

Yet, this is often the case when you cut down on your phone expenses; you end up with a whole bunch of inconveniences and upsets. Affordable and high quality just don’t mix with these companies.

How would you like it if someone invented a new method of calling outside the US, which is affordable, very high quality and easy to use? If a company has created that method and if it were offered to you, would you buy this service?

Well, you have this chance now! We invented new technology and applied for patents a few months ago (US patent pending # 15391527, 15431371, 15435072). This technology was perfected over 17 years of hard and creative work and research into telecommunications systems. Our engineers have implemented it now. We have the ability for millions of high-quality calls daily, and now it is available to you!

The technology includes a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which observes everything that’s going on with the calls as the call is being made and as you are talking it resolves any technical problems that happen in real time. Thus, if a problem does come up, it will be resolved much faster. So much so that you will probably never need to call our tech support! In a further development, our AI system learns from errors, so once it resolves your particular issue, it will also prevent similar ones from coming up in the future.

We have tested our system for well over two years. Within this time frame, it routed millions phone calls. Our tech support has only received a few calls in all this time. Think of it. Only a handful of calls to the tech support in two years. No other service provider has accomplished this!

The Artificial Intelligence system we developed offers you an astonishing quality connection at a much lower price. Some people pay $300 per month for lower quality service, but our developments make it possible to get that clarity of sound for as little as $5 per month!

For those who have used calling cards or apps to call over the Internet, you must have experienced various tricks employed by the providers which are intended to mislead you and ultimately make you pay more than you expected to. This includes various hidden charges and limitations.

For example, your cost of calls may be increased by a “connection fee,” an “account service fee,” and various “extra charges.” This also includes “charging on a 4-minute basis,” which means that when your call lasts 1 minute they charge you for 4 minutes!, and 9 minutes will cost you the same as 12. Another form of hidden costs is specifically charging for calls to cell phones, which is not included in your so-called “unlimited” plan. Imagine you buy an “unlimited” plan for Mexico. It turns out you have to pay for each call to a Mexican cell phone on top of your “unlimited” plan.

(Providers offering these so-called “unlimited” plans also make use of hidden restrictions. When you purchase a plan like that, you expect to be able to call as much as you need, even if only to landlines, not cell phones. In reality, it turns out that the “reasonable use policy” laid down by the provider limits some calls in one way or another, and quite considerably so. This means, you cannot even make unlimited calls to landlines. Most likely, you will not discover this until you get billed by the provider.)

We promise we will never engage in these kind of manipulations. Look at our pricing plans and you will understand straight away what is being offered and for what price. Your only extra payment may be a tax stipulated by the laws of your state. Our core policy is to be honest with our customers. With our service, you will never get upset because you had to pay more than you expected to.

We do not call our plans “unlimited,” and that may look like a disadvantage. No, we do not offer “unlimited calls.” The truth is, neither does anyone else. If you read all the fine print and everything in the extra links and documents in the other provider’s offers, this will be abundantly clear to you.

We know that you will feel far more satisfied when your provider delivers great service for a fair price. Hopefully, you will tell your friends about us, and we will grow the way a company is supposed to with a  great word of mouth.

So how much will these international calls with superb quality cost you?

Let’s get down to the numbers. We offer several plans with monthly payments. This means that when you purchase a plan, you get a certain number of minutes of calls to certain countries. In most countries, calls to cell phones are a lot more expensive than to landlines. This is why calls to cell phones are not included in every plan and for every country. For example, the most economical plan only includes calls to Mexican landlines. The next plan on the ladder lets you call both Mexican landlines and cell phones. Whatever the case may be, we state it openly and honestly in every plan what numbers you can call on it. Whenever calls to cell phones are not included in a plan, this is indicated next to the country’s name, like “Mexico Landline.” If this is just “Mexico,” it means the plan includes both calls to landlines and to cell phones.

Here are some examples of our plans:

$3.5 a month for 2,000 minutes of calls to Mexico fixed phones (landlines).

$5 a month for 600 minutes of calls to the following countries (landline + cell): Mexico, China, India.

$10 a month for 1,000 minutes of calls to the following countries (landline): Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

$10 a month for 600 minutes of calls to the following countries(landline + cell): Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand.

We also have $10-$38 per month plans for Philippines, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cuba, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Russia etc.

You can find all of our very affordable plans on our website

A few words on completely free calls:

I have heard many people ask, “Why do I need calling cards and paid applications for phone calling when I can just call for free over the Internet?” Yes, today you can call other people who use the same app or provider completely for free. If there is free service already, it can’t be made any better—or can it?

Yes, it can, even free service can be improved!

Have you ever experienced any sort of problem when you used a free app? There could be all kinds of reasons for these problems. The most common one is a poor Internet connection. You could have been at some distance from your Wi-Fi home router. Or you were away from home and had to use mobile Internet, which is not very reliable yet.

Can we do anything about it? Yes, we can! For one thing, our customers do not have to depend on their Internet connection. For this purpose, we use the best of what calling cards have to offer. This means you can call any of our other customers for free via our access number. Calling this way does not depend on your Internet connection. So, if you are traveling and whoever you are calling is at home or at work, everything is great: you call the access number, and they receive your call with a proper Internet connection.

Thus, even free stuff can become better!

To summarize our inventions and our position, let us state confidently that:

You can have affordable and quality calls at the same time!

You will understand what your plan will cost you exactly, and you will know this in advance. No Surprises!!

Gone are the time-consuming, hopeless calls to the tech support. Our Artificial Intelligence will do away with your problems before you even consider calling the tech support department!

Call any way you would like to, whether through our super simple app when at home or in the office, from your cell or via the access number (no PIN code needed) from anywhere you want!

What else can we say to help you make a decision?

Here is Our GUARANTEE!

Pay-As-You-Go-Payments. (With this method of payment you can prepay for international calls and use them whenever you want to. The money you put on your account will be there until you use them. They do not expire.)

If you have to call our tech support more than two times in 6 months and the problem was caused by us, after the third tech support the customer will receive a 20% discount on the last payment for his Pay-As-You-Go-Plan. The customer can choose at that time if they would like to continue to use our services.

Similarly, if our bills ever show any amount (except for taxes and fees imposed by the laws of your state) that were not mentioned in the advertised plan you purchased, you will receive a 20% discount on the last payment for your Pay-As-You-Go-Plan.

If a person or company wants to cancel their service, a refund of the unused portion will be issued.

Monthly Pricing Plans. When you choose one of our advertised monthly pricing plans. (With this method of payment you would prepay a monthly fee to call specific countries.)

If a person or company has had 3 issues in 6 months and would like to receive a discount for their inconvenience yet intends to continue to use our service, he will receive a 20% refund of their last monthly payment. For example, if they had paid $20 for September and had the 3rd issue on the 15th of September, we will refund of $4 and he can continue the next month.


If you have three problems that were caused by our company and you want to cancel your service, a 100% refund of the last paid monthly fee of the plan will be issued. You would also be allowed to use our services until the end of the month. For example, if $20 was paid on the 1st of September and then the customer decided to cancel services on the 14th of September, we would refund the $20 and that customer could still use our services until the end of September.

Similarly, if our bills ever show any amount (except for taxes and fees imposed by the laws of your state) that were not mentioned in the advertised plan you purchased, we will refund 100% of your last paid monthly fee of your plan.

No other international phone providers offer this warranty or any kind of warranty. We invite you to try something better. This is why we offer a warranty.

Highest quality, best price and it is very easy to get started! We are sure you will love our service. Give us a try.







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